Haendel Sonata in G HWV 363a

Adagio - Allegro- Adagio - Bourrée - Menuet



Preview of the second movement.

This Sonata, originally written for Flute, but can be played on Voice Recorder in D. Two sheets are provided: one with the original Key signature (G) and the other written a third up (Bb) so it can be read on Voice Recorder in D using Treble Recorder Fingering without the need to learn fingering for D Recorder.

Both zip files (415 and 440 htz) contains Recorder solo sheet music, performance praxis, separated play-along tracks at different speeds for your study.

This track, as well as the others, can also be played with Flute, Violin or Oboe.


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Flute, Voice Recorder in D


Adagio – Allegro- Adagio – Bourrée – Menuet