The articulation in Baroque Recorder

and in other Baroque wind instruments


A book explaining the use of the articulation to play baroque music. Text in Italian and English and many exercises to practice on your instrument.

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This book contains explanations and practical exercises on articulation, meaning the use of the tongue, while playing the Recorder. The one proposed here use of t and d sounds in combination belongs to my musical technique tradition and that of my former teachers, not because it is thought to be the best. To my mind this work can be useful for those who exercise a different articulation also, such as t and r, for they can be easily substituted without misrepresenting the basic concepts and didactic targets of this book. This work is addressed also to those who play a different wind instrument; in fact, the articulatory concept is based on short notes (t), portato notes (d), and their combination in musical patterns. Here you can find also a few rules and tips on how to use articulation in relation to harmony and style of musical pieces.

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