Anonymous Baroque Suite

Allemande - Giga - Minuet
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Preview of the play-along track: First half only accompaniment, the second half with soloist player.

Zip file contains Recorder solo sheet music, performance praxis, separated play-along tracks at different speeds for your study.

This track, as well as the others, can also be played with Flute, Violin or Oboe.


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Descant Recorder and Continuo


Allemande – Giga – Minuet

3 reviews for Anonymous Baroque Suite

  1. Alvaro Lujambio (verified owner)

    Need the complete partiture for play in public, and trained presentation. For study is ok. But I need all.

    • Baroque Personal Trainer (store manager)

      I’m sorry but the purpose of my site is only to share, for a little fee, the play-along tracks for personal use. I don’t share or sell complete partiture because of copyright law. Some of my tracks are elaborated from published editions I own. Others are made from scratch copying from the manuscript.

  2. Alvaro Lujambio (verified owner)

    On March 24 I bought this Suite, I have the partiture from suite 2, but also I have the acommpanished for Suite 1 and 3. These may be an error or why aren’t the recorder part from suite 1 and 3 in the file ? Thanks . Also Can you say me the original came from ? Another greetins.

  3. Baroque Personal Trainer (store manager)

    Hi Alvaro,
    I think there is a misunderstanding. The files you downloaded are all for the same Baroque suite, which consists of three movements (Allemande, Giga and Minuetto) You have 5 different speeds for each movement and two groups of files, one at 440 htz and the other at 415 htz (early music pitch). I noticed that the Allemande files contains also the recorder part played but this is incorrect (you have to play that part) so I replaced the zip file with a new one and I’ve sent you a private email with the new link. thanks for letting me know about this mistake. BPT

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