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Privacy & cookies

Privacy Policy

How I will use your E-mail and what cookies will be used

Thanks to the Personal Data Protection Code you have the right to know how your data is used and to ask me to delete it.
If you write me an email or sign up for my newsletter, I will only use your address to reply to you or send you an email with the last article I published.
No spam or marketing, promise!
Do not worry, really: I will not turn or sell your email to companies that spam advertising thinking that they can sell.
But if you still want to unsubscribe from my newsletter, in every email received you will find a link to do it or write me an email to Baroque Personal Trainer and I will do it for you.
And now we come to cookies


I use cookies:
– technicians, including Google Analytics, with the IP made anonymous. This means that Google receives the visit data in an aggregate way. Your privacy is protected, and I still know how many people have seen my pages. If you want to disable GA, you can download the tool.
– third party, including the widgets of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and MailChimp. I am not in control of these cookies. I invite you to read the various information notices and to act accordingly to protect privacy.

If you want you can disable cookies on your browser:
Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari e Opera

And finally, on the website of the Garante della Privacy you can inform yourself on how to protect your personal data.