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Do I have to pay to download files?

Yes. A little fee is needed to maintain this site.

How can I study the pieces?

The studying method is personal: my advice is to start studying separately the most difficult musical passages, increasing the speed using the metronome. Then try to play with the play-along track starting from the slowest speed.

Why do you provide only a file for the slowest pieces?

I chose to share slow pieces only at the real speed (according to my interpretation, obviously) because the difficulty mainly consists in choosing and performing the grace notes, that is strictly personal, and in the sound emission.

How do you choose the articulations?

The choice of the interpretation is based on baroque music practice I studied and acquired in time, and furthermore from listening to some great flute player’s performance.

What does it mean 415 “baroque intonation”?
Some pieces are provided in the 415 htz tuning, beyond the ordinary modern 440 htz tuning. This way it is possible to use the old-tuned instruments. The 415 htz tuning is equal to a semitone down transposition.

Are all the pieces of music for Recorder only?

I am a Recorder player so I chose to create the tracks from original music for this instrument but, as used in baroque time, you can play the soloist part with Violin or Oboe or another instrument that covers the same note extension of the Recorder.

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