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Georg Friedrich Händel, The great master of the Baroque era

Discover the great German naturalized English composer of the Baroque era Georg Friedric Händel....

Antonio Vivaldi Biografia

Antonio Vivaldi “The red priest”, Biography, Style and Works

Venetian musician, Antonio Vivaldi was one of the most fertile and original composers of...

Johann Sebastian Bach

J. S. Bach Compositions, Style and Biography

Bach was a composer of the Baroque era. He is known for great compositions...

main baroque music composers

Baroque music through the main composers

Here we examine how Baroque music evolves in Europe through the national styles created...

Baroque group

Baroque music era: style and characteristics

Let's start to discover the basic characteristics of the music in the Baroque era....

Baroque Classical Music

What is Baroque classical music?

A new journey through the Baroque period and its music begins! This article will...