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About me

This site was created with the aim of distributing baroque music for study. It grows thanks to the blog dedicated to all the nuances of baroque music with the aim of creating a community.

Guido Piperno: Music Copyist

My name is Guido Piperno. I have more than thirty years of experience as a music copyist, I graduated in classical guitar and I studied ancient music and baroque recorder for more than 15 years.

I approached baroque music almost by accident. I could no longer play the guitar with continuity and therefore every time “starting over” was always heavier. But I missed the music played. Since I had studied the recorder for educational reasons, I used it to play melodies that my little students accompanied with the guitar, I thought of taking it back in hand and seriously facing it “as a musician”.

A world has opened up to me. I discovered an instrument that was anything but easy. I had to learn to know my body, to discover muscles that I didn’t know how to use, I even had to learn to breathe! And I discovered a music that, despite its repetitiveness and structural simplicity, satisfied my desire to play and, with many difficulties, allowed me to communicate also what in words is not always possible to express.

“Baroque Personal Trainer” at this point comes from my personal need in the study of the recorder to get out of the loneliness of the solo instrument and overcome the difficulty of finding valid musicians willing to study the Baroque repertoire together.

Thanks to my work experience I thought of transcribing a lot of baroque music preparing it for reproduction with digitized sounds. So I found my virtual schoolfellows, and how good! they are never wrong!

Then comes the desire to treat and share some of the cultural and musical aspects that most fascinate of Baroque music, often misunderstood or distorted by the current musical culture.

I decided to give space to my experience in music, writing articles on the most interesting themes of the Baroque, ranging from its history to technical aspects that can help you and accompany you in the execution.

Guido Piperno
Guido Piperno
Negozio musica

The Shop

In this section there are many of the pieces that I have transcribed for myself to be able to play the Recorder with a quality accompaniment, as if I had real musicians with me.

The instruments that accompany the Recorder come to life thanks to the sounds of the “Garritan Personal Orchestra” ® library contained in the “Finale” ® software.

Unlike other MIDI or Mp3 files of Baroque music (which are copious on the Web) I applied to the instruments of the play along track the articulations, the musical interpretation and some embellishments typical of Baroque music and these are transcribed also on the music for the soloist, provided in PDF.

The tracks are available for download at various speed, in this way you have the possibility to study the baroque interpretation, accompanied by the basso continuo and/or other instruments, even at a study speed lower than the optimal one.
The tracks provided are classified by difficulty level, indicated for each of them, and are supplied with modern pitch at 440Htz and ancient pitch at 415Htz.

Also included in the download file you will find a page with the explanation of the signs of interpretation and of the performance practice.

In no case are other instrumental parts shared besides the solo part nor the realization of the basso continuo or the full score.

A short pre-listening track is present on the piece page.

You will find music for Descant or Treble Recorder.

Guido Piperno

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